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Problem with JavaScript

I have problem experience with JavaScript, especially for refreshing or loading pages in frames. For better illustrations, I put the scenario below.


I have a container page (Window1) and 2 frames on it. I used WinLIKE so they are not frames actually, but windows. Window2 is a menu window and Window3 is for the content. The Window3 is for displaying the content regarding which menu we choose in Window2 (menu). We can simply write a link in Window2 and target it to Window3.

But the problem comes when I need the fourth window (Window4) appear from Window3. Please see the image below.

The Problem…


Trying WinLIKE

For this past 2 night, I almost didn’t sleep. It because I was trying WinLIKE intensively. It has a nice framework to make an ordinary web-based application almost like desktop application. It can convert a plain HTML-page into windows. You should try it by your self! Get it from here. And convert your plain and bored pages into attractive pages.

Below is a screen shoot of my experience with WinLIKE. Click on it to see the original size.

Sisfo PMB

Sisfo Kampus

Sisfo Kampus is a information management system for higher degree education institution. It was build for Indonesian education institution since it was build in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). But Sisfo Kampus has a nice framework which is flexible enough to be customized even for other kind of business.

Sisfo Kampus is very nice since it uses GNU/GPL lincense (refer to: So we can download, study, customize or even develope it freely (free as FREEDOM). Where can we get it? Just point your browser to and get it. Try now and give your feed back.

Hello world!

“Hello world!” Hmm… this is a very-very popular words for the programmer, especially for the beginner. And wordpress put this magical words for the bloggers who start their blogs. I tend to keep this words for my new blog here although I’m not a blog-beginner.

I start this new blog for complimentary of my other blogs which are in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). This also for me to learn writing in English. Please visit my other blogs which is listed in: About.