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Some Projects to handle

I have been involved in some projects. They are Sisfo Kampus (2 projects, will be 3 in next month), ERP-MRP, and also conduct some training. The projects are running concurrently. One of the project is in Bandung and one is in Bangka that is overseas.

Although I’m not the project leader for the projects I still got very-very busy with them. I should plan and manage my time, brain and energy. Unfortunately I can not manage them correctly and “wisely.” I often spend my time, brain and energy for doing anything else and got very tired. Sometime I can not focus on my work as well. And the worse is I get bore with the code.

I think I need some rest and vacation. Fortunately, May 16th until 20th (almost 5 days) I planned to back to my new home in Semarang. Hope the vacation goes well. GBU.


Become a Black Hat

How to make your blog the most popular on the blogosphere? No matter the content. You should gain your rank on the most popular search engine. The fact is most of the blogger try to do that. You will take advantage from the community to support your goal.

Recently the number of bloggers from Indonesia participate to SEO contest. And it become a black hat activities since they do anything about the SEO and rank. Wow…

But wait, what is black hat? You can read about black hat in: Black hat from Wikipedia. You also can read about SEO on SEO also from Wikipedia. If you are a blogger from Indonesia, you can join the contest as well. Register your site in to Master SEO.