I have been involved in FlexiSkul Project as System Developer. This project is for creating a SMS Notification System for Indonesian Schools. The main purpose of this system is for notifying student’s parent of their kids activities related to their school. The main functions of this system are:

  1. Individual notification
  2. Mass notification
  3. Notify the presence of students
  4. Notify the mark of the students

The system is nearly complete and will be launched soon.


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  2. felix radioholix on

    i’ve heard about this system couple months ago. If i’m not mistake, there is one school in Bekasi, already used this system for its presence.

    the students have to do some regular activities before they’re going to their class room, such as their have to put their finger in a special machine, for finger prints !!! isnt that good???

    if they’re not coming at school in the real time, the parents will get some notification from the system !!! right in to their handphone !!!

    great !!!


  3. dewo on

    @ Dear Felix,

    Yes, the system is more advance now since it was integrated with attendance system. So the notification would be done automatically.


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