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FlexiSkul Beta Was Up

Finally FlexiSkul was up at Nov 7th, 2007. It took almost 4 months to went up. It’s not about the system, but it’s about some internal problems. FlexiSkul was not using Telkom Flexi anymore since Telkom broke the agreement.

But FlexiSkul system is more intelligent now. It uses multiple modems for multiple operators. Okay, it will took more modems since one operator need one modem. But with this mechanism, FlexiSkul will cut the cost of sms since some operators apply the less cost for sending sms to the same operator numbers.

For example is 3 (three) and XL who charge no fee for sending sms to the same operators with some term and conditions. The other operators charge less for sending to the same operator than to other operators.

Blessing in disguise, hah?

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